Grisdale Triple Crown





Grisdale Triple Crown at Flamboro Speedway



Saturday, June 8    Saturday, July 6      Saturday, August 10

Rain Dates:     Sunday, June 9           Sunday, July 7            Sunday, August 11




  • Drivers will draw for a qualifying position in the heat in the pit tower at sign-in (please note, cars are not allowed on the speedway prior to the driver signing-in!).
  • There will be two sets of qualifying heats (subject to time limits); each qualifying heat will be 10 laps.  The first set of heats will be run according to the draw positions; the second set of heats will be lined up by reversing the starting order of each race in the first set of heats, with any non-finishing cars behind the finishers
  • In order to qualify, a driver MUST take a green flag in at least one of the heat races
  • Provisional cars may be added at the promoter’s discretion.
  • Any driver who has not signed-in and drawn for a starting position prior to 5pm will start at the back of an assigned heat race for both sets of heats.
  • Total heat points will determine the heads up start for the 75 lap feature race


75-lap Feature Race

  • The feature race of the event will be 75 laps.  Cars must use the same 4 tires for all qualifying and feature races.  Damaged tires may be submitted to tech officials for replacement during the event.
  • Starting line-up for the 75-lap Feature Race will be determined based on the points earned through the qualifying heats (heads-up start).  In the case of tied points, the car from the earlier heats will get the position (car in heat one will go ahead of car from heat two and heat three) followed by the car from the subsequent heat.  This formula will be used to determine the top 24 cars.




  • Any provisional positions to be added will be done behind those qualified cars.
  • The use of a scanner or Race-ceiver by the driver to monitor the official track frequency (UHF 451.7125) to aid in on-track communication is MANDATORY.  Any driver failing to respond to line-up or other instructions delivered via the one-way radio will be black-flagged and placed at the back of the field.
  • Caution flags will NOT be counted in the 75 lap total.  Cars leaving the race track during caution laps will NOT be considered to have lost any laps PROVIDED they are back on the speedway before the green flag.  Cars leaving the track will forfeit track position and rejoin the field at the back.
  • Drivers leaving the track under green flag conditions will be allowed to rejoin the field as permitted by the corner 4 flagman, or under caution.  Drivers must approach the turn 4 gate at a rate of speed that allows them to stop safely if required to do so, or face a penalty.
  • The Race Director reserves the right to stop the field in the case of an extended caution period.
  • There is no guaranteed or mandatory count of caution laps.  Racing will resume at the starter’s discretion following a caution flag as quickly as possible in order not to delay the show unnecessarily.  Drivers staying on the track are expected to maintain their positions in single file unless directed to move via the one-way radio.
  • Lapped cars will be put to the back of the field when the caution comes out.
  • If a caution comes out, cars that have crossed the start-finish line will be scored accordingly.  For any cars that have not crossed the start-finish line, the LAST COMPLETED GREEN FLAG LAP will set the field.  If a car decides to pit during a caution period, they will remain on the lead lap provided they return to the race before the green flag, but will forfeit track position and rejoin the field at the back of the lead lap cars.
  • All cars must take a green flag in the feature race to be eligible for points and/or money.
  • Any car deemed by the starter to be unable to maintain racing speed and in so doing create a hazard on the track will be black-flagged and sent to the pit.





Flamboro Speedway registered Late Model owners will each receive 100 points for participating in each Grisdale Triple Crown event.  No other racing points will be awarded for these events.





PURSE PER EVENT is as follows:

1 – $2,000                  7 – $470                     13 – $410                   19 – $300

2 – $1,500                  8 – $460                     14 – $400                   20 – $300

3 -   $900                    9 – $450                     15 – $300                   21 – $300

4 -   $600                    10 – $440                   16 – $300                   22 – $300

5 -   $500                    11 – $430                   17 – $300                   23 – $300

6 -   $480                    12 – $420                   18 – $300                   24 – $300


TOTAL PURSE:  $12,460

PLEASE NOTE:  If the race is started but cannot be completed for any reason (rain, etc), drivers MUST return on the assigned date in order to collect purse monies.  Drivers who start the race but do not return for its completion will receive tow money of $100.





(must show receipt from Grisdale for tires in order to qualify)

1 – $2,000

2 – $1,500

3 – $1,000


TOTAL $5,000




Flamboro Speedway tire rule will be in effect: You must run the American Race 10″ slick per Flamboro Speedway rules (tire is available at Grisdale Enterprises).


For any questions or concerns regarding rules, please contact Race Director Don Cox at 519-846-8158


Gates open at 10am for technical inspection.  Grandstand gates open at 5pm.  Racing at 6pm.


Grisdale Triple Crown Races

ALL competitors must run the American Racer tire (#EC31 outside and EC21 inside).  Drivers must be prepared to show a receipt for tires from Grisdale Enterprises in order to qualify for the full purse and points fund.  Drivers who purchase tires for the event from other than Grisdale Racing Enterprises in Dundas may be denied a portion of the posted purse.


  • The base weight of a strut car will be 2800 lbs.
  • Base weight of a straight rail car is 2800 lbs but must carry a 25lb weight block on the outside of the right frame rail
  • Base weight of stock lower control arm and big spring car is 2750 lbs.
  • Base weight of a crate motor car with stock lowers and big spring is 2750 lbs (GM 602  motor)
  • Weight distribution for the strut car and stock lower control arm cars is 57% left and 50% rear
  • Weight of a straight rail car is 56% left and 50% rear


  • 4 piston calipers – 25 lbs
  • Tri Y or iron lung headers – 25 lbs
  • Aluminum tubes in the rear end – 20 lbs
  • Engine set back (0.5 – 4 inches) – 20 lbs
  • Spline sway bars (maximum 1½ inch spline) maximum 1 5/8 inch bar – 25 lbs
  • Modified Chevrolet crate motor (ASA type) – 100 lbs
  • Modified Ford crate motors (McGonigle motor)– 100 lbs
  • Delaware spec motor – weight per Delaware rule book


ACT Cars – will run their current rule package and may use the 600CFM Holley Carburetor, part #80541


Fuel allowance for Grisdale Triple Crown Events is 1%.


American Racer tires ONLY for Grisdale Triple Crown events.


Flamboro Speedway rule book will apply to all other situations.  (i.e. shocks, tires, etc.)






10:00 am       Pit Gates Open – Tech Inspection

Motors may be whistled and cube checked.  Cars must

come to tech inspection cold, with all spark plugs removed.  DO NOT



4pm               Practice – Warm-up Laps (MS, LM, TC, LM, F4)

to 5pm


5pm              Track is closed.


5pm              Grandstand Gates Open


5:15pm         Late Model Drivers Meeting in Tech Garage. (MANDATORY ATTENDANCE)


6pm              Opening Ceremonies

Green Flag – qualifying

Late Model Heats – Round 1

Mini Stock Heats

Thunder Car Heats

Late Model Heats – Round 2

F4 – Round 2


8pm                Late Model Driver and VIP Introductions – Front Straightaway (out of car)

Late Model Feature – 75 laps

Thunder Car Feature – 25 laps

Mini Stock Feature – 25 laps

F4 Feature – 15 laps