Gold Rush 100 with Kenny Wallace



Download the Gold Rush 100 registration form: (MS WORD) (PDF)

Gold Rush 100 at Flamboro Speedway


This will be a single, 100-lap feature race with $5,000 to win plus a $5,000 bonus challenge at Flamboro Speedway, scheduled for Monday, August 19, 2013.              Rain Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The bonus money will be available to the driver who is willing to risk it all, giving up the qualified starting position to start 24th in the field, with a $5,000 bonus if he/she can win the race! Drivers will qualify via time trials to set the top 16, and then a last chance race will determine the starters for the remaining 8 positions, completing the 24-car starting field.



  • Drivers will draw to determine a running order for time trials.  Drivers must be lined-up and ready for their time trial as scheduled.  Those who are not lined-up and ready will get only one timed lap following all scheduled cars.
  • Drivers will be permitted to enter the track and come around to take a green flag for two timed laps.  Each lap will be recorded and the driver with the fastest lap will be awarded pole position.  All cars will be lined-up according to their times, and the top 16 will be awarded qualified positions in the feature.  Only the track’s timed laps will be considered, and those times and decisions, as verified by the Head Scorer, are FINAL and not subject to discussion or dispute.
  • Drivers who do not make the top 16 in time trials will be required to run a qualifying race (consi) to determine a starting position in the feature.  If the car count is 29 or fewer, there will be one consi race.  If the car count exceeds 30, a minimum of 2 consi races will be held, and the top cars in each will be used to complete the field.  In order to qualify, a driver MUST take a green flag in time trials and/or a consi race.  The consi lineup will be set by time trial laps.  In the event of two consi races the lineup will be set by time trial laps, odd positions in the first, even positions in the second.
  • Provisional cars may be added to the main event starting-field at the promoter’s discretion, to a maximum of 26 cars.
  • Any driver who has not signed-in and drawn for a starting position prior to 6pm will get a single lap in time trials, or start at the rear of a consi race.


100-lap Feature Race (MAIN EVENT)

  • The feature race of the event will be 100 laps.  Cars must use the same 4 tires for all qualifying and feature races.  Damaged tires may be submitted to tech officials for replacement during the event.
  • Starting line-up for the 100-lap Feature Race will be determined based on the top16 qualifiers in time trial, and a heads-up start of finishers from the consi(s).  This formula will be used to determine the top 24 cars.
  • Any provisional positions to be added will be done behind those qualified cars.



  • Race-ceiver by the driver to monitor the official track frequency (UHF 451.7125) to aid in on-track communication is MANDATORY.  Any driver failing to respond to line-up or other instructions delivered via the one-way radio will be black-flagged and placed at the back of the field. 
  • Caution flag laps will NOT be counted in the 100-lap race total.  Cars leaving the race track during caution laps will NOT be considered to have lost any laps PROVIDED they are back on the speedway before the green flag.  Cars leaving the track will forfeit track position and rejoin the field at the back.
  • The Race Director reserves the right to stop the field in the case of an extended caution period.
  • Drivers leaving the track under green flag conditions will be allowed to rejoin the field as permitted by the corner 4 flagman, or under caution.
  • There is no guaranteed or mandatory count of caution laps.  Racing will resume at the starter’s discretion following a caution flag as quickly as possible in order not to delay the show unnecessarily.  Drivers staying on the track are expected to maintain their positions in single file unless directed to move via the one-way radio.
  • Should the speedway choose to run caution laps to provide a pit opportunity, instructions will be relayed to the drivers using the Race-ceiver system.  The caution lap count will start once the message is shared, and the countdown will be shared via the Race-ceiver.
  • Lapped cars will be put to the back of the field when the caution comes out.
  • If a caution comes out, cars that have crossed the start-finish line will be scored accordingly.  For any cars that have not crossed the start-finish line, the LAST COMPLETED GREEN FLAG LAP will set the field.  If a car decides to pit during a caution period, they will remain on the lead lap provided they return to the race before the green flag, but will forfeit track position and rejoin the field at the back.
  • All cars must take a green flag in the feature race to be eligible for purse money.
  • Any car deemed by the starter to be unable to maintain racing speed and in so doing creates a hazard on the track will be black-flagged and sent to the pit.
  • $5,000 Gold Rush Challenge:  Beginning with the 23rd place qualified car, the speedway will offer the opportunity to forfeit starting position and assume 24th in the field for a chance to win an additional $5,000 cash prize by successfully winning the event.  This process will continue, offering each qualified driver in the field the opportunity, ending with the pole sitter.  The driver closest to the front who agrees to forfeit his/her qualified position and take the 24th starting position shall be the driver who runs for the bonus money. Consolation bonus to the driver who starts 24th will be $1,000 for finishing 2nd or 3rd; $500 for finishing 4th or 5th, provided the driver is still on the lead lap.  Only one bonus prize will be paid out.
  • Additional prizes, cash and contingency, may be added.
  • Whichever driver chooses to accept the Gold Rush Challenge will drop out of line (inside or outside) and that line will move forward to close the gap.  There will be no shuffle of the field.  The only exception will be the back row where the remaining qualified driver will move to the inside lane (23rd) to make open the 24th spot.



Drivers intending to compete in the Gold Rush 100 at Flamboro Speedway must register in order to participate in the event.  Registration forms are available at the track (pit tower) and on the web site (   All required fees must be paid IN FULL prior to participation.


Registration prior to August 1, 2013 will be $50 per car/driver (admission to the event is NOT included with registration fee).  Driver change may be made on a registered car up to and including the day of the event.  Registration fees may be raised after August 1, 2013.


Flamboro Speedway registered Late Model owners will each receive 100 points for participating in the Gold Rush 100 event.  No other racing points will be awarded for these events.



PURSE FOR THE GOLD RUSH 100 is as follows:


1 -  $5,000          7 -  $800             13 – $600            19 – $500

2 -  $3,000          8 -  $750             14 – $575            20 – $500

3 -  $2,000          9 -  $700             15 – $550            21 – $500

4 -  $1,000          10 – $675            16 – $525            22 – $500

5 -   $900             11 – $650            17 – $500            23 – $500

6 -   $850             12 – $625            18 – $500            24 – $500


TOTAL PURSE:  $23,200   

PLUS $5,000 BONUS!! To the driver who agrees to start 24th and wins the race!!


Flamboro Speedway 2013 Model rules will be in effect.  You must run the Flamboro Speedway Late Model racing tires as laid out in the 2013 rulebook.  Any cars who do not comply with the Flamboro Speedway 2013 Late Model Rule Book will be allowed to compete ONLY at the discretion of the race director, and will be subject to any and/or all handicaps or weight penalties imposed.


For any questions or concerns regarding rules, please contact Race Director Don Cox

at 519-846-8158











Gates open at 2pm for technical inspection.



Grandstand gates open at 5pm.



Kenny Wallace Autograph Session 5:30pm – 6:30pm (Grandstand Area)



MANDATORY DRIVERS’ MEETING AT 6:30PM.   Any driver who misses the meeting will not be permitted to time trial, and will be forced to qualify out of the consi race(s).


Kenny Wallace will attend the Drivers’ Meeting to provide competing drivers only with an opportunity to meet and obtain an autograph.



Time Trials begin at 7pm,



Last Chance races will follow time trials or 7:30pm, whichever is later



7:50pm           Pre-Race Ceremonies



8:00pm           On-track, Out of Car, Driver Introductions


Green-flag feature racing will start at 8:15pm


Flamboro Speedway Gold Rush 100 Late Model Rules

For cars from tracks other than Flamboro Speedway

  • The base weight of a strut car will be 2800 lbs.
  • Base weight of a straight rail car is 2800 lbs but must carry a 25lb weight block on the outside of the right frame rail
  • Base weight of stock lower control arm and big spring car is 2750 lbs.
  • Base weight of a crate motor car with stock lowers and big spring is 2750 lbs (602  motor)
  • Weight for the strut car and stock lower control arm cars is 57% left and 50% rear
  • Weight of a straight rail car is 56% left and 50% rear
  • Home track tires are permitted (no requirement for American Racer tires).  Cars from tracks other than Delaware, Sunset, Kawartha or Flamboro Speedways MUST run American Racer tires. (Available at Grisdale Racing Products, Brock Rd, Dundas)


  • 4 piston calipers – 25 lbs
  • Tri Y or iron lung headers – 25 lbs
  • Aluminum tubes in the rear end – 20 lbs
  • Engine set back (0.5 – 4 inches) – 20 lbs
  • Spline sway bars (maximum 1 ½ inch spline) 1 5/8 inch bar – 25 lbs
  • Modified Chevrolet crate motor (ASA type) – 100 lbs
  • Modified Ford crate motors (McGonigle motor)– 100 lbs
  • Delaware spec motor – weight per Delaware rule book
  • American Racer tires ONLY.


Flamboro Speedway rule book will apply to all other situations.  (i.e. shocks, etc.)


ACT Cars – will run their current rule package and may use the 600CFM Holley Carburetor, part #80541, including tires (Goodyear 8”)



Fuel allowance for the 100 lap event will be 40 lbs.    Fuel allowance for Oktoberfest is 1%.


PLEASE NOTE:  The rules packages ABOVE ARE designed to help integrate Limited Late Models and Late Models from various Ontario Speedways and may be adjusted in the interest of parity as we move forward.





In order to clarify questions regarding tires for the Gold Rush 100 at Flamboro Speedway on Monday, August 19, please note the following.



  • Home track tires are permitted (no requirement for American Racer tires).  Cars from tracks other than Delaware, Sunset, or  Flamboro Speedways MUST run American Racer tires. (Available at Grisdale Racing Products, Brock Rd, Dundas)


  • The feature race of the event will be 100 laps.  Cars must use the same 4 tires for all qualifying and feature races.  Damaged tires may be submitted to tech officials for replacement during the event.


  • Rules, format, and tentative schedule of events are posted at



-Please note Straight rail cars can be 57% left side for the Gold Rush.

-If a Delaware car wants to run a Delaware Rules package, without any penalties, you will be able to do so but must run 8″ Hoosier tires. If not, you can run with 10″ tires but will be penalized according to the Flamboro Speedway Rule book.


For any other questions, please contact  Flamboro Speedway Race Director Don Cox

at 519-846-8158.